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JB Rebar Couplers are a Mechanical splicing system for the connection of TMT Bars from 8 mm to 50mm Dia. We Manufactured in ISO-9001 & 14001 certified plants in Himachal Pradesh – INDIA. These JB Rebar Coupler are the 100% MAKE IN INDIA PRODUCTS Manufactured in compliance with National and International standards. Such as JB-9 Rebers Couplers- Bar Lock, JB-10 Grout Pumps & Grouting Accessories, JB-11 Shot Crete Machines & Shortcrete Accessories, JB-12 Rock Bolts, S N Bolts & Accessories, CFRP BARS., JB-13 Concrete Pumps Batching plants & Accessories etc.

Rebar couplers are used in reinforced concrete structures to replace normal rebar lap joints. The couplers are also suitable for use in reinforced concrete columns and walls. Each rebar coupler consists of a piece of rebar equipped with a thread and coupler sleeve at the right end as viewed in the direction of installation. In construction joints, rebar couplers can be used to replace all pieces of rebar going through the formwork.

JB Products offer to our clients with variety of advantages including superior function ability and longer life standards. Besides our standard range, we also have the expertise to produce customized variants of our range as per the specific requirements our clients.

Our presence is in all the major cities of India & are being widely used in various Metro Projects, Railways, Infrastructure, Power & Energy, Hotels, Hospitals and all types of Mixed development projects.


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Why Rebar Couplers ?

For many years the use of mechanical couplers to join reinforcing bars has been regarded as a means of reducing the use of long bars. Engineers and contractors now recognize the benefits of using JB Rebar Couplers Reinforcement Couplers to accelerate the speed of construction, increase productivity and simplify structure design details.

JB Rebar Couplers – are designed to join the reinforcement bars & performs like continuous reinforcement, develops strength mechanically, independent of concrete, provides ductility in RCC Structures, offers strength during man-made, seismic or other natural events.

JB Rebar Couplers– reduce rebar congestion, improve concrete flow & Consolidations, minimize the reinforcement fixing errors, increases production rates, because of the reduced installation time & simpler quality controls requirements, cost saving up to 25% can be achieved in any civil Construction project.

Types of JB Rebar Couplers

JB Rebar Coupler offers a beneficial method for concrete constructions. With these rebar couplers , you will speed up your construction, lower the risks of damaged concrete, increase productivity and ensure a simple yet resistant design.

Choose from a series of Reinforcing Rebar Couplers depending on your project’s needs:


This type of coupler is specifically created for the vast majority of processes of joining reinforcing bar coupler. The rebar’s ends are cut square and the bar has a tapered thread which perfectly fits the Thread Rebar Coupler . With a calibrated torque wrench you can tight the sleeve to the thread rebar coupler end for a quick and resistant fix.

 It is recommended for restricted spaces that require a minimised loss of cover. It is available in diameter sizes between 8mm and 50 mm.


 Bar-Lock Coupler System provides a simple, quick, cost effective method for splicing rebar in tension and/or compression applications. Bar-Lock couplers may be used with plain or deformed bars in sizes 8 mm to 50mm. Bar Lock couplers utilize lock-shear bolts and special grip rails to mechanically splice with the rebar. The serrated grip rails cradle the rebar and are embedded in the rebar as the lock-shear bolts are tightened. The heads of the lock-shear bolts are designed to shear off at a prescribed torque in order to accomplish proper installation.


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Hyderabad Airport Project

Rajiv Gandhi International Airport is an international airport that serves Hyderabad, the capital of the Indian state of Telangana.It is located in Shamshabad, about 24 kilometres (15 mi) south of Hyderabad.It is the only airport in India ranking in AirHelp’s list of top 10 airports in the world.

For Hyderabad Airport, Re-Bar Couplers India (P) Limited delivered its popular JB-19  rebar coupler solution, which is the main rebar coupler solution used on large projects in India.

hyderabad-international airport
bridge project

The Chenab Bridge Project, J&K

JB-19 Rebar Couplers used in the Design & Construction of World’s Highest Rail Bridge –  The Chenab River Rail Bridge of the Konkan Railway over River Chenab in J & K. The Length of the Bridge is 1315 Mtr at the Height of 359 Mtr.  of the Sizes 20mm, 25mm,32mm during the Year 2014-2016 Through the Construction Company Afcons Infrastructure Limited. The Plants were approved by the Client- Consultant & The Construction Company Experts. The Testing witnessed at 3rd party Test House at Delhi. The Plants Approved as a source of Supply & the Job Completed satisfactorily.

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