Jb-14 Steel Scaffolding Pipes(Pipes & fittings) is a core part of our business, we concentrate on producing high quality scaffolding pipes. Galvanized Pipes has long been one of the most used access materials in India. Scaffolding Pipes are galvanized to reduce rust and corrosion for a longer product life. Scaffolding Pipes  also integrates into access scaffolding and is frequently used in power plants, refineries and petrochemical plant environments .


jb 14 steel pipe scaffolding & from works materials

Types of Steel Pipes scaffolding

birdcage scaffold


A Birdcage Scaffold is an independent scaffold that has more than two rows of standards in both directions that are connected by ledgers and transoms. It is mainly used for work carried out on a single level, for example ceilings. You should refer to its specifications when erecting and dismantling birdcage scaffolds made from modular scaffolding.

trestle scaffold


A Trestle Scaffold is assembled from prefabricated trestles, braces and accessories. Trestle scaffolds, for example A-frame and H-frame trestle scaffolds are commonly used by bricklayers, plasterers and painters and for general fit-out and finishing work. Trestle scaffolds generally do not require a licensed scaffolder to erect or dismantle.

hanging scaffold

Hung scaffold

A Hung or Hanging Scaffold is an independent scaffold that hangs from another structure but can’t be raised or lowered when in use.

single pole scaffold

Single pole scaffold

A Single Pole Scaffold consists of a single row of standards connected by ledgers. Putlogs are fixed to the ledgers and built into the wall of the building or structure.

A Single Pole Scaffold is dependent on the structure against which it is placed for support. It is important that no components of this type of scaffold are removed until the scaffold is being dismantled.

swing stage scaffold

Suspended (swing stage) scaffold

A suspended scaffold incorporates a suspended platform capable of being raised or lowered when being used. An example of a suspended scaffold is a swing-stage scaffold.

mobile scaffolding

Tower and mobile scaffolds

A tower scaffold is an independent scaffold that has four vertical standards connected longitudinally and transversely, or two frames in plan connected transversely to create a scaffold of one bay.

A mobile scaffold is a tower scaffold mounted on wheels.

scaffolding pipe with coupler

Steel Pipes and coupler scaffolds

These are built from Pipeing and joining or fixing components (couplers) fixed together to form the required scaffold design. They are frequently used on structures with unusual designs, shapes or functions. The versatility of Pipes and coupler scaffolds means they can be assembled in a wide variety of different configurations. This also means erecting pipe and Rebar Coupler scaffolds can be complex when compared to prefabricated scaffolds.

prefabricated scaffolding

Prefabricated scaffolding

This is defined as ‘an integrated system of prefabricated components manufactured in such a way that the geometry of assembled scaffolds is pre-determined’. It can include modular, tower, cantilever, hung and suspended (swing-stage) scaffolds and must be design registered as required under Section 1 of Schedule 5 to the model WHS  Act  2021 Regulations.


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