Rebar Threading Machine

The TMT Threading Machine, also called the rebar thread rolling machine is a kind of machine to strengthen and process the end of the steel bar which is widely used in the construction industry Himachal Pradesh INDIA. It mainly adopts the advanced technology of rib stripping and rolling, and makes the connecting end of the steel bar into a straight thread so that the threaded rebar couplers can connect the rebars together. It makes the part of the steel bar head cold hardened by a rapid and direct rolling of the end of rebar so that the strength can be improved and the steel head can reach the same level as the base material. The machine is composed of frames, a clamping mechanism, a feed drag plate, a reducer, a roller head, a cooling system, and an electrical system. The TMT Threading machine for sale in our company can process the steel bars with the sizes of 16 to 40. So Contact us to tell us more about your requirements for more details and a price list now.

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Automatic Rebar Threading Machine

The automatic strength of the Tmt Rebar Thread Rolling Machine is very high. This machine uses the way of cutting and rolling thread to achieve the purpose of reinforcing steel and thread processing, which can solve the problem of pretreatment of steel end before processing, as well as the problem that similar equipment to be rolled more times. It can also reduce the number of processing and steel transfers which can improve the efficiency of on-site processing. The rebar Threading machine can roll steel bars of various sizes with a thread rolling head. Compared to other similar machines that one thread rolling head per steel bar specification is required, the automatic TMT Threading Machine in Jb Rebar Couplers Machinery will be more convenient. The problem of chip removal during rolling can be solved by using internal cooling fluid. The rebar thread rolling machine is special equipment for processing steel thread heads. And we are a professional manufacturer specializing in the production of the machine. If you want to purchase the TMT Threading Machine, Contact us.

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Features of TMT Threading Machines in Jb Rebar Couplers Machineries:

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