Pipe Roofing System is a support system used in loose ground conditions in conventional and mechanized tunneling. It is used to enhance ground properties to stabilize and reduce risk in tunnel works. It is a method of supporting tunnel by driving pipes ahead of excavation. It is also used in developing the portal sections.

Pipe Roofing Components

  • Starter Pipe: First Pipe Welded with Ring Bit on one end & female threading on other end, which can be perforated / non- perforated as per the design requirement.
  • Extension Pipe: Male – Female threaded pipe for extension, which can be perforated / nonperforated as per the design requirement.
  • Pilot Bit
  • Drill Rods
  • Grout Plugs / Injection Cap

The installation of the Pipe Roof System is simple and quick and has the following effects.

  • Reducing the ground loss by creating a boundary of stiff material between the soil and tunnel crore.
  • Stabilizing the ground in the area of newly excavated and get unsupported excavation round.
  • Distributing loads acting upon the tunnel roof above the freshly excavated round into the in-site ground ahead of the face and the lined tunnel behind the face.
  • Confinement of the tunnel excavation area ahead of the tunnel face.
  • Enhancing tunnel face stability by reducing loads acting upon the tunnel face.
  • Reducing surface settlement.