“JB-11? Shot Crete Machines & Shotcrete Accessories

  • Length : 1450 mm
  • Widtd : 750 mm
  • Height : 1050 mm
  • Height of Hopper: 550 mm
  • Recommended Hose DIA : 65 mm upto 10m verticle distance
  • Electric Motor: Twin Speed 10. HP, 1440RPM
  • Air Consumption : 7Kg/CM SQ. / 350 cfm
  • Recommended size of Aggregates : Proportionate to size of hose (ID)

JB-11 Shot Crete Machines operate continuously on the turret head principle. Spray a mixer of cement, aggregate, water and accelerators in proportions, with Aggregate size less than 10 mm for hose inner dia of 38 to 40mm at high Velocity Fitted with spray nozzle to form a layer of pneumatically applied concrete on surface. A mixer is fed in to machine hopper having sieving and fitted with rotor wherein the mixer is pressurized, metered in to a dry air stream. Mixer is conveyed through hosepipes of dia from 38mm to 80 mm to a nozzle having water-mixing arrangement and sprayed with high velocity on surface to form a layer. Rotor is driven by the electric motor through a speed reducing gear. Rotor is kept airtight by pressing it in between two round rubber seals. Lower seal attached on to the pressure plate of the gearbox, upper to clamping Plate.