“JB-9â€? Re-Bar Couplers – Bar Lock - Weld able-Couplers & Construction Accessories
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JB ReBar Couplers are designed to join the reinforcement bars.The traditional method of connecting reinforcement bars with lap joints continuity in reinforced concrete need not be always appropriate. Advantages of simplicity and economy in lap splicing is limited to smaller diameter bars .JBmechanical couplers offer the solution for splicing when large diameter bars are involved. Technically Superior:JB rebar Couplers performs like continuous reinforcement, develops strength mechanically, independent of concrete. Therefore provides ductility in RCC structures independent of condition of concrete.

Proven cyclic performance of rebar offers strength during man-made, seismic or other natural events. The continuity of rebar offers excellent provision for grounding electrical current JB RE- BAR couplers reduce rebar congestion and improve concrete flow & consolidation.Offer greater flexibility in design options. The simplicity in detailing of reinforcement, particularly in reinforcement congestion zones minimizes the reinforcement fixing errors, detailing and fixing of seismic reinforcement becomes effortless. Workability with higher steel-to-concrete ratio allows optimum sizing of RCC structural members. The JB RE-Bar- couplers increase production rates because of reduced installation time and simpler quality control requirements. Because of these differences, Labour requirements and costs will be substantially reduced. Upto Rs.10/- per Kgs in Steels Cost can be saved by replacing LAP Joing withJB19- RE- Bar Couplers. JB distribute the rebar couplers all over india and abroad.